In light of this year’s Black History Month theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, throughout February we are featuring Bay Area Black owned businesses that are family operated or family focused. In our second of a three part series, we are featuring three Bay Area businesses that are family focused:

Asé Arts – Visual arts provider

Ka Woods, LMFT – Marriage and Family Therapist

WISE Health – Community Health Services

Asé Arts – Oakland

Asé Arts is a visual arts provider in service to Black and brown communities that specializes in building connections through the process of art making. They provide programming through classes, workshops and events for early childhood education, youth, and adults. In addition, they offer consulting services, curriculum development, and professional development. Through a social justice lens, Asé Arts utilizes the arts as a catalyst to provoke thought, conversation and change.

Kalé Woods, LMFT – Oakland

Kalé Woods is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping clients work through past trauma, understanding family history, and finding solution-oriented ways to break barriers to progress. She helps guide clients through their journey while they do the work necessary to make long term change. Through a team oriented relationship using integrative therapy she tailors solutions based on the needs for her clients to create successful outcomes.

WISE Health – San Francisco

Wise Health’s community engagement model is designed to reduce social isolation and increase healthy behaviors among hard to reach populations. Their services are low cost, easy to adapt, integrates a collective community approach and is sustainable. By effectively applying tailored community engagement strategies they can provide sustainable services that can increase access to health services, health technology, health education and social activities.

Bay Area Family Owned Black Businesses (Part One)