When Black-owned businesses are portrayed in the media, they typically are restaurants, apparel vendors, beauty products or related to entertainment. We want to expand the narrative about what is a Black-owned business and by showcasing a broader range of businesses.

We list more than 500 businesses here, making this the most comprehensive directory of Black-owned businesses in the San Francisco Bay area, including neighboring areas like Palo Alto, Vallejo and Sonoma County.

Business owners listed here are in diverse industries ranging from dog grooming, cannabis products and interior design to stained glass repair, wineries and adult intimacy products. We’ve included online-only businesses, service businesses and pop-ups as well as brick-and mortar-businesses.

Also, check out our list of Black Unicorns, our nickname for Black business owners in niche businesses. A few of them are the only person (black or white) in their field in the Bay Area and sometimes in the entire country.

Listing on the site is FREE to businesses that are at least 50% Black-owned and is a full-time venture (no side hustles). Black includes the African Diaspora, in addition to African Americans.

As this is a volunteer effort, perhaps there may be some businesses we have overlooked or some we’ve included that should not be here. Please let us know of any updates or revisions so we can update the directory accordingly. You can email us at or submit a business here.

We hope this directory will be valuable to all residents of and visitors to the Greater Bay Area. Enjoy!