Graduation day is a special day, not just for the graduate for the parents, grandparents, other family members and friends of the graduates. Everyone contributed in some way to help the graduate reach this milestone.

One way to commemorate this milestone is with a gift of appreciation for what the graduate has achieved.

To facilitate shopping for your special graduate, we’ve curated a list of potential graduation treats from our San Francisco Bay Black Biz directory aka SFB3.  Click on the links below to go directly to their web sites or a page of multiple listings.

Before you purchase any gifts, please read the section below about cash & gift cards first. You may not need to proceed any further.

Ca$h or Gift Cards
BIG, BIG HINT:If you’re the gift giver and you’re over 40 years old, consider giving your grad one or more gift cards. My 18-year-old grandson in New York is graduating from high school, and he’s already alerted us to this reality.

Beyond the “Benjamins,” he prefers gift cards from his favorite stores e.g., GAP, Amazon, Target, etc.  (Besides, I’m not sure he’s confident that his 60-plus-year-old grandparents are hip enough to select a cool grad gift on our own devices, but he’ll never admit that.)

Sowhile I am going to acquiesce give him a gift card, but I am going to make sure the gift card is from a Black owned business. Or I might compromise and give him a gift card from a Black owned business and one from his favorite national chain.

Here are a few gift card recommendations from the SFB3 directory:

The Best Grad Gifts are Personal

Now, gift cards are not for everyone. If you prefer to give a physical gift, try to make it as personally relevant as possible so your gift conveys that you really know what your grad likes and appreciates.

What makes your graduate smile from ear to ear? Ask your grad what s/he really loves to do, or go, or see.A reward for great work is more meaningful if it feels like a spot-on gift for that unique person.

Also, remember to factor in the age, gender, cultural heritage of the graduate for whom you are buying.

Here are some of our favorite gift categories from the SFB3 directory:

In the end, your generosity and thoughtfulness to give a graduation gift will likely be appreciated by any grad.