Spa dates, scented candles, lotions, plants and CBD.

If any of these products appeal to the person you are shopping for on Mother’s Day please consider buying from the local vendors listed below.

When you shop local you’re likely to get something that’s unique and exclusive, versus mass produced. So your gift will be more personalized and special.

Another benefit of shopping local is money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers, and farms. Purchasing locally helps grow other businesses as well as our region’s tax base.

All of the businesses listed below are women owned as well as Black owned, so when you purchase from them you are most likely providing an economic benefit to a mother as you buy a gift from another.

Many of these businesses have an online store so you can shop from the convenience of your home.

We’ve divided the list into categories to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift.

1 The Spa Aficionado Mom

Nailphoria  spa services from massages, waxing, mani/pedis, facials

IYOBA handmade products for skin and hair ranging from probiotic deodorant, to hair and body oils.

Skin Care by Feleciai – natural skin care products, bath soaps and shea butters

Beija-Flor Naturals Beija-Flor Naturals is a full line of body products that are nourishing for face, hair and body alike.

For more skin care products from Black owned in businesses in the area click here.

The Aromatherapy Loving Mom

Soyful Aromas –  Hand poured artisan scented soy candles

Demby – of skin-safe fragrances infused with essential oils. Candles and diffusers which are coconut based and housed in chic modern vessels.

AngelicRose Essentials – soy and beeswax candles, sage and palo santo

For other Black owned businesses selling aromatherapy products click here

The Plant Loving Mom

Black girls dream house  plants, beautiful ceramic and clay pots, thoughtfully curated

goods for the home

The Cannabis Loving Mom

No, we’re not trying to get your mom high on anything but her love for you. CBD is a non-high-producing part of the cannabis plant that has been proven scientifically to neutralize mental anxiety and physical inflammation in joints, muscles, nerves etc.

Just a little bit of cannabis applied to your skin or ingested (edible or smoked) into your body can relax your mind and body:

Green Releaf Collection – edible and topical cannabis products for medicinal purposes

Posh Green–  Dubbed the “Nordstrom of Cannabis”, Posh Green offers top-shelf premium cannabis products.

Bay Queen -cannabis delivery service where customer service and proper knowledge of cannabis are paramount.

For other Black Owned cannabis businesses, click here